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Group Exercise & Virtual Classes

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Group Exercise Classes

Engage in our extensive range of invigorating workouts that cater to all fitness levels. Our carefully curated group sessions bring people together, promoting not only physical well-being but also a supportive and fun social environment too.

There's something for everyone

Our fantastic range of virtual classes offer the flexibility to join from the comfort of your home or set up a class of your choice in one of our spaces, meaning we can deliver the class you want, anytime you want it.

From high-energy cardio to mindful practices, our diverse range of classes mean we have something for everyone. With professional highly trained instructors leading the way, you’ll find motivation and guidance at every step.

Join our vibrant community, where fitness transcends the boundaries of a traditional workout. Elevate your well-being through the synergy of group exercise and virtual classes with LED —because together, we thrive.

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Group Exercise Class Timetable

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