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LED’s Six Nations Challenge

6 teams, 6 prizes and 6 stamps needed per entry, are you up for the challenge?

We are offering the chance for 6 lucky winners across LED to win a mystery prize, 1 prize for each country in the tournament. Each game week we will reveal one of the mystery prizes you could win by backing you chosen team.

  • England prize: Honiton Chriopractic Clinic Giveaway
  • France prize: Lunch for 2 at Exmouth Pavilion (main course only)
  • Ireland prize: £100 voucher for Honiton Sports Shop.
  • Italy prize: 2 vouchers for tickets at Exmouth Pavilion
  • Scotland prize: FREE 3 months membership at LED
  • Wales prize: Flexible ticket at Exeter Chiefs

Here’s how you can join in with the fun:

1. Pick your team & collect a stamp card

Pick a team from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. A member of the team will give you a stamp card for your chosen team where you can add your name and your phone number (so that we can contact you if you win)

England stamp card


Scotland stamp card

2. Get active, get moving, get stamped!

Ask our front of house team to stamp or sign your card once a day whenever you attend any activity at LED. Once your card has been stamped 6 times, remember to hand it back into to our team to enter into the prize draw for your chosen country.

You can fill out as many cards as possible during the Six Nations (Saturday 4th February – Saturday 18th March). Are you up for the challenge of completing all 6 sets of cards in 6 weeks?

Entries will close after the Six Nations ends on Saturday 18th March and winners will be contacted by Friday 24th March.

Good luck!

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