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The Hangar Newsletter

We hope you are settling in well at The Hangar and have been smashing those workouts. It has been great to see so many familiar faces and new members at The Hangar so far.

Before we go any further, we wanted to give a quick update to explain a few things you should know about The Hangar Health & Fitness.

The Ice Breaker

Firstly, we want to say a big thank you for bearing with us whilst the heating is being resolved. We know it’s really not cool, but you will have seen we have brought in two heaters to resolve this, and we have also made plans for permanent heaters to be installed in 3 weeks times to help us better control the heating moving forward.

Win a FitBit Versa 3

Fancy being in with the chance of winning a Fitbit Versa 3?

All you need to do is…

1. Collect a stamp card: Speak to a member of the team to collect your stamp card for this challenge.

2. Get Active, Get Moving, Get Stamped!: Ask a member of the team to stamp or sign your card once a day whenever you attend any activity at The Hangar Health & Fitness. Once your card has been stamped 6 times, remember to hand it back into to our team to enter into our prize draw.

You can fill out as many cards as possible during February.

Entries will close on Wednesday 1st March and our winner will be contacted by Friday 3rd March.

Good luck!

What’s on in the Gym?

Did you know our members are entitled to FREE gym inductions, programmes, reviews and even nutrition support? The gym team are here to support you so you can get started on the right foot.

We also run 2 Health Referral sessions a week; these sessions are to support people in the community who suffer from long-term health conditions. Our fantastic Level 4 Health coaches, Carole and Daley, will be on hand for each session to guide you through your program and help support you to achieve your goals.

What’s on in the Studios?

If you prefer classes, we suggest booking in for Health consultation with the gym team, where they’ll help you ‘see what you’re made of’ on the InBody machine.

We now have over 43 classes a week at The Hangar. Our classes range from High-Intensity classes to make you sweat like a pig, or if downward dog is more your thing, we have Mind & Body classes too.

If you can’t make a class then you can always book yourself in for a virtual class in the studio. We have over 1,500 classes to chose from so you’ll never get board of the same class over and over again. Better still, you have access to over 1,000 classes in your local on the LED Leisure app too!

What’s on for teens?

Get Active Gym Sessions are available every day for teens aged between 11 and 15 years. The sessions are a great way to get started in the gym from a young age under the supervision of our gym team

Don’t worry if you cannot make these sessions; teens are now able to come to the gym at any time with an adult; you just need to complete the Get Active form on arrival. So why not start training with your son and daughter, it’s great fun and keeps all the family active.

We also offer non-weight-bearing classes for teens aged 14 years and above if they’d prefer a class instead of the gym.

Arrivals at The Hangar

So, what’s to come?

Functional Fit Classes: Throughout the week you can join this great class using the rig, one of the coaches will set up a circuit which will give you a all over body workout in 30 minutes.

Ladies who Lift: This class will help teach females how to lift weight correctly, the class will concentrate on exercises such as deadlifting, squatting and much more.

Cardio & Coffee for seniors: This session will take place in the Studio with the highly qualified Coach Vanessa who will take you through a low intensity class working on exercise to help activities for daily living.

Parent & Toddler sessions: Haven’t been to the gym ever since the baby was born? It’s time to get back to exercise in a safe and relaxed environment while your child has fun too!

LED parent & toddler sessions are supervised by an experienced trainer with a young child of her own, and all fitness levels are welcome. After the session, everyone is welcome to join the team and enjoy a cuppa together.

Join us between 10:30 – 11:30 on Wednesdays at The Hangar Health & Fitness starting 22nd February. Sessions are FREE to LED members and open to non-members for just £2.50 per session with coffee included.

Quiet Sessions: 79% of autistic people feel socially isolated because they are overwhelmed by bright lights, crowds and loud background music.

Our ‘Quiet times’ sessions (Monday & Wednesday 11:30 – 12:30) aim to encourage anyone with autism and their families to enjoy our fitness facilities. ‘Quiet times’ offer an inclusive environment for anyone to exercise in our gym.

We hope to make the experience more comfortable for members with autism, high levels of social anxiety and those who prefer working out in a quieter environment.

During ‘quiet times’ you can expect:

  • The volume of music played through our speakers to be turned down
  • All public TV screens in the gym turned off
  • Avoidance of public announcements (unless there is an emergency)
  • A polite request that all fitness users work out as quietly and respectively as possible

Virtual Studio Cycling Club: Every Tuesday and Thursday come and join like minded people as you step into the Virtual world and enjoy a ride through the mountains or a futuristic excursion.

Member of the month: In March we will be pick our first member who has impressed us based on their goals and will be treated with a LED water bottle, bag and towel. You’ve got to be in it to win it, so work hard, smile and encourage others in our community and it could be you!

Members skittles night: We are working with Cloakham Lawn to put some dates together for a night of skittles and drinks at the bar. More details to come soon.

Games Zone: The Virtual Studio now has a PS4 too! Whilst you are exercising over half term you can bring your child with you and leave them playing FIFA 23. Speak to a member of the team to find out more.

Building Updates

The changing rooms and toilets are due to be refurbished soon! Each changing room will be kitted out with two shower cubicles, upgraded ceilings, new flooring as well as a fresh lick of paint.
Behind the building the old sports area will be cleaned and resurfaced to allow for more parking too.

Our team are always on hand to support you at The Hangar, please do not hesitate to reach out if we can help.

Team The Hangar

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