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Health Referral

Health Referral

LED Community Leisure runs a variety of different health programs to support people suffering with long term health conditions.

Health Referral

Physical activity plays an essential role in preventing and managing a wide range of health conditions. Health professionals can refer patients to these low-cost programmes to help improve, manage, or prevent health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, depression and many more.

Our affordable exercise referral course is designed to help participants develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to improve their health and wellbeing. This comprehensive 12-week programme features one-to-one consultation, individually tailored activity plans, and teaches how to change behaviours for lasting impact.

These sessions run at Ottery, Honiton, Exmouth, Sidmouth, Seaton and The Hangar.

Cancer Rehab

Every year, more and more people are receiving successful cancer treatment. Many people affected by cancer want to make positive changes in their lives. Taking steps to be physically active as part of a healthier lifestyle can be part of this.

Evidence has shown that physical activity can help prevent or manage many of the conditions that cancer survivors may face. Our Cancer rehabilitation programme is dedicated to helping cancer survivors get more physically active and support cancer survivors take steps to make any healthy lifestyle changes that they may want to make.

These sessions run at Ottery, Honiton, Exmouth, Sidmouth, Seaton and The Hangar.

Cardiac Rehab

Our Cardiac rehabilitation programme is designed for those who may have had a cardiac event and have been referred either from their GP or from a Phase 3 team at the local hospital. The programme safely explores the benefits of physical activity and provides individuals with the tools to develop the lifestyle behaviours needed for a smother recovery, including heathy eating habits and stress management techniques.

This programme is built upon the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Standards. Contact your GP for further information.

These sessions run at Honiton.

Strength & Balance

In partnership NHS England, LED Community Leisure has developed an exercise class for older people who have had a fall or who feel unsteady on their feet. The aim of the class is to improve your strength and balance, and also to help you feel more confident when you are out and about.

What will you receive:

  • Initial Consultation
  • 6 weeks of FREE exercise classes, then £4.50 per session
  • Follow Up Consultation

This is available at Seaton, Honiton and Exmouth.

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Escape Pain

Do you have knee or hip pain? ESCAPE-pain is a group education and tailored exercise programme for people with chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis. This session provides information and simple ways to better manage knee and/or hip pain, and a gentle, individualised exercise programme that matches your needs and pace.

This is available at Honiton.

Good Boost

Good Boost technology aims to improve people’s lives by helping them to get moving with gentle exercise in a fun and social environment.

Sessions are delivered on tablets and are individually tailored for participants. Built by clinical experts, the technology supports people to reduce pain and improve mobility on land or in the pool. They are suitable for a wide range of health conditions including joint, bone and muscle conditions such as arthritis.

This is available at Honiton, Exmouth and Sidmouth Pool.

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