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Swim Terms and Conditions

Teaching Policies, Procedures and Parental Responsibilities
1. All LED Swimming Teachers are Swim England/STA qualified and have the relevant DBS checks before they can teach.
2. Whilst swimming teachers have a duty of care for swimmers during their lessons, parents/guardians of swimmers under the age of 8 years must remain on the premises whilst the swimmer is attending their swimming lessons. This is advised for all ages due to the unlikely event of a medical emergency, building evacuation or other emergency situation. It is the parent/guardian/swimmer’s responsibility to get the swimmer safely to and from their lesson, ensuring a prompt pick up at the end of the lesson. LED staff will NOT take swimmers to the toilet.
3. Parents/guardians must never distract the teacher during a lesson and should direct all communication through the front of house team or the Swim Coordinator (if available).
4.Access to poolside is typically available 5 minutes before the lesson commences.
5. Swimming hats are not compulsory, but recommended to maintain hygiene in the pool. Where a swimming hat is not worn, long hair must be tied back. We stock fabric and rubber swim hats at all pool sites available to purchase.

Swimmer Illness
6. If your child is unwell, we recommend that you do not bring them to their swimming lesson. In the event that they have been ill with sickness or diarrhoea, they should not swim for at least 48 hours after it has completely cleared up in order to protect others

Swimming Lesson Programme

7. The majority of our ‘learn to swim’ programme classes are held over a 30-minute period (some advanced and adult classes might be 45/60 minutes) which includes set-up registration and swimmer assessments
8. Participant numbers are limited and are determined by LED. This ensures that we provide the optimum teaching environment and the highest level of health & safety for all swimmers
9. Swimmer to Teacher ratios are kept within Swim England Guidelines* *1:12 non swimmers, 1:20 competent swimmers
10. LED reserves the right to combine classes at short notice if necessary
11. Swim teachers may instruct from poolside or in the water. Swimmers in low stages may require physical support from the instructor in the water.

Swimming Lesson Dress Code & Hygiene

12. All children should wear appropriate fitting one-piece costumes/trunks and shorts specifically designed for swimming. Baggy costumes/trunks can impede movement. Please refer to our ‘Before you swim…a gentle reminder’ guidance for full details.
13. No jewellery should be worn during a swimming lesson. Religious or medical bracelets are allowed but should not distract the swimmer from theirlesson.
14. The use of goggles is permitted but swimmers will be asked to remove them if they provide a distraction and when performing certain skills (unless there is a medical reason for goggles to be worn). We recommend the use of dioptre corrective goggles for anyone with a visual impairment. It is advised that goggles are fitted prior to the lesson.
14.a. Swimmers are asked to shower before entering the pool for health and hygiene reasons.

Swimmer Progression
15. All swimmers on the ‘Learn to swim’ programme work towards the “Swim England Learn to Swim Framework”.
16. Swimming Teachers continually assess all swimmers’ progression throughout the programme. Swimming ability and speed of progression will vary depending upon theswimmer.
17. Progression of all swimmers will be at the judgment of the swimming teacher and in accordance with the progression within the criteria of the “Swim England Learn to SwimFramework”
18. Swimmers will be moved up to the next class when they meet the skills criteria required and if there is adequate space for movement to the next Stage.
19. Upon completion of a Stage, the parent/guardian will be contacted explaining that the child is ready to move up to the next Stage via the LED Home Hub or by e-mail/phone. Parents can login and make the required movement
20. A valid e-mail address is required to access the LED HomePortal.
21. Due to the continuous progressive nature of our programme, and the variety of ability levels within each session, we cannot guarantee a specific time slot on progression, as a space within the next stage may not always be immediately available. Those waiting for spaces will be kept in their current stage until a space becomes available.

Swimming Lesson Payment
22. Payment for lessons must be made monthly , by direct debit or recurring cardpayment (where available)
23. Swim school lessons are included in LED’s Junior Swim membership (one concurrent course only). Cancellation will result in the removal of the child from swimschool.
24. For any failed Direct Debits, LED reserves the right to restrict access to the lessons until a suitable payment has been made for the missed payment. Under these circumstances LED will not guarantee the same space on the existing lesson.
25. Additional weekly lessons will require a second membership, which will be available at a 10% discount.
26. Parents of under 3s are able to pay for blocks of 10 lessons in advance either at reception, by phone or online
27. Adult swimming lessons may be paid for on a weekly pay as you go basis. Alternatively, adult swimming lessons are included in an adult Core (with Swim) or All-In membership (one weekly lesson).
28. To secure your space you will be required to book and pay for your next sessions prior to the start of your last lesson. Failure to do this will mean that the space will be made available for
other customers.
29. Where applicable, you will be contacted when the swimmer has 3 weeks left of pre-paid lessons through the HomeHub and/or email and will be asked to top up your child’s account with another block of pre- paid lessons or sign up for a membership.
30. LED reserve the right to change class times or cancel classes as necessary

Changing and Moving Lesson
31. You may request a change of time, day or Swimming Teacher and we will try to accommodate your request, provided a space is available. If you cannot be accommodated at that time your child will be added to the movements list and you will be able to make movements through Home Hub when a space becomes available.

Pool Closure and Cancelled Swimming Lessons
32. In the event of a pool closure we will make every attempt to contact our customers as soon as possible. Contact will bevia email, telephone or app notification.
33. Customers paying for swimming lesson blocks will be issued a usage credit for the missed lesson. LED will not refund direct debit members as the membership also includes other activities, however for prolonged periods of disruption, LED will review whether suspension of accounts iswarranted.
34. LED reserves the right to cancel classes should numbers fall below our minimum numbers per group (typically 50% of class capacity). If this happens you will be offered an alternative lesson of the same level.

Missed Lessons
35. Lesson fees are non-refundable where the pupil has either missed lessons or decided to withdraw from the programme altogether.
36. Lessons run consecutively; the lesson credits (where applicable) will be utilised as each lesson takes place regardless of pupil attendance (with the exception of pool closure/lessoncancellation).
37. In exceptional circumstances management may exercise discretion on refunds or membership freezes but this would only be on production of a medical certificate or documentation from a
medical centre, hospital or GP.

Changing Teacher
38. LED reserve the right to appoint a new teacher at any time and may, at times need to provide a cover teacher for a class or classes due to illness or for any other unforeseencircumstances.
39. In the event a teacher is away for a long period of time we will try to keep the same cover teacher in place for the duration and keep you informed.

40. We encourage communication and welcome issues to be raised with ourstaff.
41. The duty management team will be the point of contact to address any poolsideissues.
42. Questions regarding the progression of swimmers should be directed towards the front of house team who will be able communicate the message to the relevant member of staff (usually the swim coordinator), who will then contact you to discuss the swimmer.
43. All parents/guardians are required to supply us with a valid up to date e-mail address for effective communication purposes. This is essential so that we can inform you when your child is ready to move up a Stage or for any cancellations. Please check spam settings to ensure receipt of emails.

44. Parents/guardians may be able to view lessons from allocated positions, depending on the pool. This may include poolside and/or pool viewingareas
Where poolside viewing is in place, parents/guardians should not use mobile phones, tablets etc. for any purpose. This is for the safety of the swimmers in the water and part of LED’s responsibility to safeguard and protect children
45. No photography or filming is permitted of the swimming lessons without the prior approval from the Centre Management
46. No photography or filming is permitted in the changing area or toilets Behaviour & conduct
47. Parents accept that their child is under the supervision, control and care of the Swimming Teacher, during the lesson period.
48. Should the behaviour of the child be unsatisfactory, and the class disrupted, the swimming teacher has the right to remove the pupil from the class.
49. The teacher may employ reasonable measures as are necessary to maintain the smooth delivery of the lesson. We reserve the right to remove a swimmer from the swimming lesson programme should they persistently disrupt or are seen to be putting themselves or anyone else at risk.In these circumstances no refund will be provided.
50. Please keep us informed of any medical or SEND requirements of the swimmer.
51. If the swimmer requires any additional support, please discuss this with a member of the team prior to enrolment

52. Lessons typically run for 50 weeks per year. Please check your local centre for full programme details. Lessons do not run on Public Bank Holidays.
53. LED are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all users. LED’s Safeguarding policy may be viewed uponrequest
54. These conditions are subject to change following any change in advice from Public Health England, UKactive or SwimEngland

Changes to Terms and Conditions —LED Community Leisure reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.
Reasonable notice will be provided for any changes and customers will be made aware.
LED Community Leisure Swim School Terms & Conditions 2023

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