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Terms & Conditions of Hire

Please read this information carefully as all hirers must abide by the following requirements. The individual making the application for hire or use is deemed to be the responsible hirer and agrees to the following conditions and completion of this form signifies acceptance of the conditions.


Please note that if you are a commercial club VAT charges will apply. If you are a non-commercial club to benefit from VAT exemption, by law all the following conditions must be met:

  • your booking must be for ten or more sessions.
  • the series must be for the same sport or activity.
  • the booking must be for the same place, although a different room/lane is acceptable.
  • the interval between sessions must be at least one day, and not more than fourteen days. A week off is okay, but if you take a longer break, we will have to add VAT.
  • payment is to be made in full for all sessions irrespective of whether the right to use the facility is exercised. If any sessions within the series of bookings are cancelled by the hirer, then the right to exemption is void and the whole booking would become subject to VAT – no refund is
  • a written agreement must be in place.
  • you must have exclusive use.

General Conditions of Hire and Usage

LED and its officers reserve the right to:

  1. Require all persons entering the building to do so by means of the authorised entrance only.
  2. Require all persons using the pitches, outdoor & indoor facilities and swimming pool to conduct themselves in a proper and decent manner and to abide by the conditions of use. These conditions are displayed within the facility and can be sent on request.
  3. Refuse admission to those persons not complying with (2) above.
  4. Require that appropriate swimwear, clothing + and footwear be worn, including non-marking shoes on sports surfaces.
  5. All coaches, instructors and teachers hiring the facilities for the purposes of teaching others will be required to produce evidence of suitable qualifications, insurance, DBS disclosures and where applicable affiliation to relevant governing body before confirmation of a booking can be made.
  6. A list of all coaches involved in the delivery of the activity should be provided to the centre and updated as changes occur. Documentation stated in point 5 will be required for any coaches teaching in the absence of the stated person.
  7. Organisers are expected to undertake and provide risk assessments for all aspects of their activity. A template can be provided to assist with this.
  8. Hirers must evidence their own Safeguarding policy (where appropriate) or adopt LED’s own policy.
  9. Pool hirers: By signing this document, you confirm that you have received and read copies of the centre’s PSOP.
  10. Recover, by such means as are deemed necessary:
    1. Any charges unpaid, resulting from the non-uses of a facility previously booked, other than for casual bookings, and not cancelled 14 days in advance.
    2. Any casual booking charge unpaid by a sports centre member and casual booking not cancelled 48hrs in advance.
    3. The cost of replacement, or the repair of, any equipment, fittings or property damaged by persons using the sports centre.
    4. Any fitting or equipment, removed from the sports centre without authority of the manager.
    5. Casual court bookings will only be accepted from 10AM each day up to 7 days in advance.
  11. Each booking for the sports hall is for 1 hour, this includes 5 minutes for set up. Actual activity time is 55 mins. (Minimum booking of 1 hr)
  12. Complex set ups will incur further charges as per time required for erection and dismantling.
  13. Close the sports centre in part or as a whole, with or without prior notice as deemed necessary.
  14. Pool admittance regulations:
    1. No child shall be admitted under the age of 8 years old unless accompanied by a responsible person of at least 16 years old of age to a maximum of two under 8’s per responsible person. Junior non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult.
    2. For Junior Fun Sessions and Pool Parties all children under the age of 8 years old and all junior non-swimmers must be accompanied by a responsible person of at least 16 years old of age to a maximum of two under 8’s per responsible person. No non-swimmers are allowed on the pool inflatable.

LED and its employees are not liable or responsible for the loss or any damage to any clothing, valuables, property or other effects or any persons using the leisure centre. There is at all times First Aid qualified persons on site, please report any incident/accident to a member of staff.


The following shall apply to the cancellation of the Booking by the Client:

  • If the hirer cancels the booking with 7 days or more notice, there will be no charge for the booking.
  • If the hirer cancels the booking with less than 7 days but more than 48 hours’ notice, then the booking shall be charged at 50% of the agreed rate.
  • If the hirer cancels the booking with less than 48 hours’ notice, then the booking shall be charged at 100% of the agreed rate.

If the booking is cancelled by the centre for any reason including closure of the site or the facility being inaccessible, there will be no charge.

Cancellations due to weather conditions (Outdoor Pitches) – Centre management will confirm if the pitches are not safe to use in accordance with the guidelines provided for the surface. Where hirer is notified that the pitches are not safe to use, no charge will be applied.

If the hirer cancels the booking contrary to the decision of the centre management team, then the full charge will be applied.

If the hirer wishes to challenge the decision of the centre, they should discuss this with the centre manager prior to the booking and it is at the discretion of the centre manager whether or not a charge will be applied.

In Case of Fire Alarm/Evacuation

On hearing the fire alarm (continuous bell) please evacuate your group via the nearest fire exit – Do not stop to change or pick up belongings from the changing areas, staff will check all areas have been cleared. Please assemble at the front of the leisure centre and await further instructions.

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