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Launching Saturday 29th June 2024!

We’re proud to partner with Les Mills to offer a great variety of fitness classes at all our centres. Les Mills combine movement with movement and the best coaching to create an experience that no one wants to miss. Their workouts are underpinned with technical insight and rigorous testing – it’s an art and a science!

Les Mills release fresh routines every quarter, so your workouts always stay inspiring and motivating! The next release is just around the corner, launching on Saturday 29th June 2024!

There will be a new launch of BODYPUMP®, BODYBALANCE® and BODYCOMBAT®. If you’re a regular member this will help keep you motivated by shaking up your usual routine – if you’re new to these classes, this is a great time to be inspired to start; everyone is new, and you’ll learn the new routines together.


LES MILLS BODYPUMP® is a scientifically-backed barbell workout using light to moderate weights and high reps to build strength and get you fit – fast.

Using a barbell and step, you’ll work all your major muscles as you increase aerobic fitness and build strength. The encouragement, motivation, and great music you get in a BODYPUMP class will leave you feeling energized, confident and powerful, while getting you fitter, faster.


Ideal for anyone and everyone, LES MILLS BODYBALANCE® is a new generation yoga workout that will improve your mind, your body, and your life.

Set to the perfect soundtrack, you can expect to bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves, with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started.

Whether you’re experienced with yoga, just starting out, or looking for something to complement your other workouts, BODYBALANCE will leave you feeling rejuvenated, calm, centred and focused.


LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT® is a non-contact, mixed martial arts-inspired workout that fuels cardio fitness and conditions your whole body. Define and strengthen your upper and lower body while increasing your overall speed and fitness. Feel empowered and in control as you punch out stress, kick down goals and build phenomenal core strength.

Your BODYCOMBAT Instructor will coach and motivate you through every round, challenging you to push yourself further.

These classes will help you build strength, burn energy, ease stress and take control of your fitness journey. Whatever your goal, we have the workout for you!


If you don’t have a monthly membership but want to give these new classes a try, select your location, scroll down to the timetable and select the Pay & Play option when booking online.


Book your next class on our LED App or check out our timetables to find your next session!

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