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Hangar12 Membership Terms & Conditions

Please note that these terms and conditions are specific to the “Hangar12” 12-month minimum term membership. You must keep to theterms and conditions for booking and using our facilities which can be found on our website.

All of these terms and conditions apply to you and apply at all times and take priority over anything a member of our team may havesaid. From time to time, we will need to contact you about your membership, so it is important you let us know if your address,contact phone number or email address changes.

All correspondence regarding your membership should be in writing and either: Emailed to or posted to Membership Accounts Team, LED Community Leisure Ltd, Unit 16a, Woodbury Business Park, Woodbury, Exeter, EX5 1AY

Your agreement to these terms and conditions constitutes a commitment to complete the minimum term required and is a legally binding

  1. Your membership benefits may vary across all LED Community Leisure Ltd facilities. Membership cards must be produced & swiped wheneveryou wish to use LED facilities.
  2. A non-refundable joining fee is payable when taking out a membership. If you cancel and wish to re-join at a later date, you will berequired to pay the fee again.
  3. Membership concessions or any other offers will not be available on Hangar 12 memberships4.
  4. The Hangar 12 offer is a trial offer. Upon expiration of the 12 month period, your membership will automatically renew at the relevant monthly rate.
  5. All memberships are subject to a 14-day cooling off period (Excluding Joining Fee)
  6. We appreciate that your needs can change over time, so you can apply to change your membership package at any time subject to exit fees.
  7. You are entitled to use the facilities available within your purchased membership package at The Hangar Health & Fitness Centre only.
  8. Unless you end your membership under the 14-day cooling off period (see ‘Ending your Membership’) or we cancel it (see ‘Cancelling yourMembership’), it will run for the initial 12 month minimum term period and will then continue indefinitely at the non-discounted rate until you give at least one full calendar month’s written notice, in line with our cancellation policy.
  9. The Direct Debit agreement is a legally binding contract between you and LED Community Leisure Ltd. It represents a commitment by you to remain a member for at least the minimum 12 month term and pay all membership fees due.
  10. Proof of identity will be required when setting up a Direct Debit. All Direct Debits are collected on the 15th of the month and cover the firstto last day of the month during which they are collected.
  11. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  12. Should your circumstances substantially change to the extent that you cannot continue to use LED facilities, for example poor health orredundancy, please contact memberships in confidence to discuss your options for your membership (see full terms and conditions).
  13. Memberships will only be suspended on proven medical grounds (with supporting documentation), or at the discretion of the MembershipAccounts Team. Suspensions must be for full months. Only one suspension is permitted within any twelve-month period. The monthlypayment must not be cancelled during your suspension, as payments will need to re-start on your return to active membership. Your membership minimum term will be extended to reflect the length of your suspension.
  14. Throughout the time any membership is suspended, we reserve the right to charge you a nominal monthly fee for each month that themembership is suspended. This will not be applicable to Under 16 memberships.
  15. suspending your membership is not the same as ending your membership.
  16. A £12.50 charge will be made for all failed payment collections.
  17. Failure to pay all applicable charges and completion of the 12 month minimum term may result in debt recovery actions being invoked.
  18. We calculate your membership in whole calendar months and the following applies:
    1. If you give notice during a month, we will treat it as if we received it on the first day of the following month and the notice period will runfrom that day. For example, if you were to submit your notice on the 23rd of May, your notice will start from the 1st Juneandmembership will expire on 30th June – you will pay one further direct debit (on either the 1st or 15th June) after giving this notice.
    2. There are no exceptions to this rule
  19. All memberships will run to the last day of the month of the notice period.
  20. Your minimum 12 month term must be completed. If you wish to cancel at the end of the minimum term, at least one full month’s notice of cancellation must be given in accordance with our cancellation policy and you must not cancel the payment instruction until the noticeperiod hasexpired. It is your responsibility to ensure you have given LED effective notice. All payments due within the notice period must bemade.
  21. Your notice is not effective until we have received it. We strongly advise that when you give notice you get proof that we have received it.
  22. Notice of Cancellations must be in writing using one of the following methods:
    1. Online cancellation form
    2. Letter or
    3. Cancellation form in Centre.
  23. An exit fee will be applicable if the membership is terminated before the minimum term is completed.24.
  24. LED reserves the right to refuse application for membership or to withdraw memberships if terms and conditions are contravened.
  25. LED reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time with one month’s written notice.
  26. LED reserves the right to review fees for use of its facilities and will guarantee to give you a minimum of one month’s notice of any changes.
  27. LED Community Leisure Ltd reserves the right to change or withdraw membership products at any time and will endeavour to give you a minimum of one month’s notice of any changes either in writing or by displaying a notice in your facility.
  28. LED Community Leisure Ltd will not tolerate our staff or our members being physically or verbally abused, intimidated, or threatened.
  29. All activities are subject to availability and LED reserve the right to cancel, amend, suspend, or withdraw classes and/or activities at any time.
  30. Facilities may become unavailable, e.g. due to adverse weather or planned maintenance etc. These will be advertised prior to closure wherepossible, and you will be encouraged to use our alternative facilities. Refunds will not be made unless the closure exceeds a two-week period.
  31. LED is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data. Full details of LED’s Privacy Policy can be found on our website.
  32. We do not accept liability for any death, injury or loss/damage to your property that may happen on the premises or within the grounds of any LEDCommunity Leisure Ltd facility, other than the liability which arises from our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care.
  33. Please refer to the LED Terms and Conditions for bookings. Full details can be found on our website.
  34. Members should read and sign the Health Commitment Statement prior to taking part in activities at LED facilities.
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